What is the best “church marketing”? (surprising answer from a church marketer!)

One thought on “What is the best “church marketing”? (surprising answer from a church marketer!)

  1. That’s a very intresting point of view. I enjoyed the bigger article as well. As I am getting involved in this marketing and branding I am trying to push more passions that we enjoy and love so people don’t see us as just a logo but something that lives and feels as well.

    I think this is spot on and a good example I can think of is les’s email. We see needs of people, prayer requests, death notices, rejoices, etc. Most people wouldn’t see this is branding but it’s taking Jesus and the acts church and applying it everyday.

    I guess something I am guilty of is not telling my neighbor. I don’t think that is the churchs fault but I need to get excited and share with more people how great our church is and how much I care about them instead of just passing them by with a simple “how are you?” in a big rush.

    Thanks for the post! It’s got me thinking!


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