What is good preaching?

…expository preaching allows great freedom…only the constraints of accurately interpreting the text and effectively communicating with the listener… (Greg would add… and making it clear to the listener HOW one got from interpretation to communication)

We are committed to Biblical Preaching. We believe in expository preaching. But what does that mean? It does not mean we believe in boring, tedious, dull or irrelevant proclamation. There are so many unhelpful and misleading definitions of terms like Biblical and expository preaching. Biblical preaching is a preaching genre that refers to the message being derived from Biblical study and reflection. This might be contrasted with other genre like doctrinal (derived from theology) or topical (derived from current issues) preaching. Expository preaching is about the authority, centrality and influence exerted by the Biblical text in the preaching process and event. Neither the “Biblical” nor “Expository ” labels place any limitation on preaching in regard to form or style. Basically we believe in preaching that is Biblical in source and in authority, not to mention content and purpose.

Expository preaching is about the message coming out of accurate interpretation of Biblical text(s), allowing the main idea of the original author to exercise authority over the message as that idea is appropriately and relevantly applied to the preacher and, through the preacher, to the listeners. Again, expository preaching is not about form (verse-by-verse, three points and a poem, deductive, narrative, evangelistic, or whatever), it is about authority. The message carries the authority of God and His Word inasmuch as the message and messenger reflect accurate understanding and appropriate application of His Word. The goal is to allow the Word of God to do its work in the listener through explanation, proclamation, clarification, exhortation and so on . . . all aspects of communication. Our understanding of expository preaching allows great freedom, for there are essentially no rules in this process, only the constraints of accurately interpreting the text and effectively communicating with the listener.

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