Welcome to our new Admin!!

We are glad to announce that Miss Gloria Roderick is joining St. Alban’s Chapel as our new administrative asistant. She is an excellent organizer and facilitator of ministry and I look forward to working with her!! Here’s some quick (and silly) questions we asked her:

1 – What is your favorite ice cream? Cookie Dough ice cream

2 – Where did you grow up? San Diego

3 – Where did you go to college? Major? College of Charleston (Religion and Jewish Studies)

4 – What is your favorite TV show? Grey’s Anatomy (and Family Guy!)

5 – Are you interested in any Citadel Cadets?  Yep! Mr. Fann and I plan to be married in July of 2012!!

6- What are you most looking forward to doing in your new job?  Making the lounge smell better ;o)  … and kicking Fr. Greg out of the office instead of being stuck doing administrivia