Weekly Announcements

Hello everyone!  We’re going to start updating the blog weekly!

Retreat! This last retreat was great and we all had a great time, however, not everyone has paid.  There are TWO ways to pay for the retreat and they are as follows:

  1. To pay online, got to www.holycrosscitadel.org and click on Retreat
  2. To pay by check or cast, put it in an envelope and drop it in the mail to MSC #3
Sunday Transportation-Talk to Thomas and Stewart!
Leadership: Yes, it’s already time for new leaders.  We’re looking for a few good men AND women to consider being on the St. Albans Leadership team.
  • For applications go to: http://goo.gl/QnTvB
  • To set up an interview with Father Greg go to: http://iona.youcanbook.me/
Thursday Bible Studies
  1. 6:30-Knob Bible Study-10 things every Christian Should Know
  2. 7:30-Upper Class Bible Study-Ephesians
  3. 6:30-Women’s Bible Study with Anna
Questions, thoughts, or feedback are WELCOME!
Just send a text to 843-608-8833 with any questions you might have.  During the talk, during the worship, anytime…if something comes up, please share it!  Just make sure to include your name so we know who you are.