We See Jesus

Hebrews 2 begins with a call—pay closer attention.  Wake up!  Remember! So that you don’t drift away from your great salvation.


Why do we need this warning?  This call to pay attention?

We need it because right now things are not what they seem.  We have blurred vision.  This world looks out of control, our lives often feel out of control.  The gospel slips from our grasp from distraction, neglect, busyness and lack of care.  The image here is of a ring slipping off a finger.  You are washing dishes and away it goes.

Verse 8 says that as of right now, we don’t see the fulfillment of Jesus.  The world is not in subjection to him or to us.  It is spinning wildly out of control.   The car dies at just the wrong moment.  Hurricanes come.  Tragedy strikes—the call of cancer, the death of a loved one, the rebellion of teenagers.  Divorce tears a family apart.  We feel alone, we are suffering.  It is too much!


Verse 9– We see Jesus.


The one who took on flesh.  The one who gave up Heaven for us.  The creator of life itself who suffered death for us.  The helper who was tempted and suffered.


We see Jesus.

In our turning, in our grasping, in our fears and temptations—we see Jesus.


[tweetthis]In our turning, in our grasping, in our fears and temptations—we see Jesus.[/tweetthis]


Standing in our flesh crowned with glory and honor.  Made complete with the suffereing he endured so he could finish the work he was called to do.

The champion of our salvation who has slayed death and released us from its fear.


Wake up!  Remember!  Hold on tightly!  Don’t let go!


You are not alone…

…In your temptation

…In your suffering

…In feeling out of control


Look past broken creation, Look past the prophets,  look past the angels.  And see Jesus.