One of the things that is really enjoyable to observe is the vast difference in types of people in Africa. In Uganda alone there are over 70 tribes (with as many languages). If you’re paying attention you can begin to see various features that are very different in the various people.

In the U.S., we are kind of a mash of people — and you don’t notice the difference as much as you do here. After all, I’m a typical English, French, German, Cherokee, Scot, Irishman with no real tribe or people group other than “American”. Here, diversity is rich, celebrated, and recognized. You can tell who is from what part of Uganda. You can tell the Kenyans and Burundi’s and Rwandans. Here’s a great picture of one such difference. (Remember, these are celebrated here… rarely do people squabble about such things!)

Peace Janice 2

This is Peace and Janice. Janice is from South Sudan and is part of the Dinka people. She is well over six feet tall, striking features, and her skin is black… almost blue! She would be considered very typically Dinka.

Peace is from central Uganda and is part of the Buganda people. She is short, very different hair, skin, and even mannerisms. Everything about her is very “Buganda”.

I have friends here who are Acholi, Ryancholi, Ruchiga, Dinka, Tesso, etc. And they’re all different.

And here’s the best part. They are all from different tribes yet they have one King. They are all from different people groups… yet they belong to one Kingdom. When the Scriptures say, “every tongue, tribe, people and nation” are gathered around the throne, one begins to get a picture of that beautiful diversity worshipping Jesus when they look at the beautifully different people all around this place.