Udanda Day 7 Prosperity Gospel bothers a young staff member

Day 7
Prosperity Gospel bothers a young staff member

All of our team went to different places for church — and we all had very different experiences. I visited a “solo” church with a great faithful pastor. The church wasn’t that big… but it was a great church that obviously loves Jesus!! Another went to a church that has 7 branches all together led by one pastor (he’s in my class getting some theological education). Another went to a slightly larger church. Each of us had a great experience.

One of our team, however, went to a church that was a little outside the box. He preached a good sermon… enjoyed their worship… and was shocked when they took up the offering. They had 5 offerings… including one in which the people who gave would receive a special prayer and blessing from the pastor. Yuck.

This is known as the prosperity Gospel and we see it in our country on TBN and through various preachers like Creflo Dollar and Joel Osteen.

According to them… you just need to be faithful and “plant a seed” and then God can work in your life to give you a blessing.

Whoops… I thought we couldn’t be faithful!! I thought we were sinners!! I thought that Jesus blessed and even saved those who were not faithful!!

This “prosperity gospel” forgets the Gospel that we are broken… and He’s the only one who can put us back together. We have been saved by his work on the cross and He’s still saving us… and one day he will complete the process!!!

Well — suffice it to say, one of the students from the University who accompanied our team member made it clear that this is exactly the reason we need theological education — so we can (in his words), “Fight the wolves who care nothing for the needs of the sheep”.