The Pleasures & Perils of Fermentation

I work at a school that is often described as a “drinking school, with a military problem”. It’s meant as as joke, albeit a fairly sad one. And I struggle setting appropriate boundaries for alcohol consumption amongst my student leaders. Of course, being under 21 is a non-starter for us, however, if you’re over 21 and a Christian… what are the boundaries? Should we run away in fear plugging our nose at the first whiff of fermentation… or jump in feet first into the wine stomping? Do we set up a Pharisaical prohibition or hand out Gnostic fake licenses?

Below is a great article that captures what I believe and the questions that are worth asking… I’d love to know what you think!

Jesus has come to undo everything that the Fall did. His wine bursts even from water jars. These water jars, of course, were there for the purification rites that allowed women to escape the shame of their monthly bleeding. This was water that took away shame and separation. But now the water of purification is poured out and made wine for every guest, male and female. And this wine does not bring shame. It covers shame. It purifies. So different from the wine that leaves Noah lonely and naked, this wine sanctifies the one-flesh togetherness of a man and a woman who need no longer be ashamed.

The crucial question for all our moral choices can be put this way: Which story are we joining? Which story are we joining with our choices? Are we joining the story of shame, or the story of grace? Are we joining the story of anonymity and loneliness, or the story of restoration and community?

via RELEVANT Magazine – The Pleasures & Perils of Fermentation.