The Builder of Your House

When Greg and I were first married and setting up house, we enjoyed cranking up the Country Music and dancing around while cooking or cleaning. One song in particular had opening lyrics that made me smile. “She’s a brick house, she’s mighty, mighty”.  At first I was a little offended—what woman wants to be compared to a brick house? Large and red are two descriptive words that come to mind. Neither of which sound complementary for a woman. But I don’t believe that’s what the writer of the song had in mind when he penned those lyrics.


We see in Hebrews 3 that the people of God are being compared to a house. Again, I don’t believe red brick or “mighty, mighty” is what the writer of Hebrews means. But a house is the analogy he uses, with God as its builder and architect. Verse 4 states: “For every house is built by someone, but the builder of all things is God.”


[tweetthis]“For every house is built by someone, but the builder of all things is God.” Hebrews 3:4[/tweetthis]


As we learn in all of Scripture, the focus is not on us, but on God. He is the builder of all things. He is the one who gives us breath, holds us together and brings us home to rest. We are again reminded, like in chapter 1, that the Creator is greater than the creation.


The existence of a house is an argument for a builder. Building a house can be a long, tedious process. A house cannot build itself but needs an architect to design it and a builder to build it. Hebrews 3 states that God is the architect and builder of my soul (house). Moses had a role in building God’s house (people) as a servant and testifier to the builder. But here we see that Jesus is better than Moses. He is the son and heir of the estate. He is faithful to see the job to completion and take his rightful glory as the Creator and Sustainer of all.


house_blueprint_lOur job is to relax and let the builder do his work.

A house would never get built if the occupants continually questioned the location of walls, windows and doors. They often have a voice in choosing the color, design and finishings.

But, the Builder has the blueprint, the plans for the house. He sees the final product and knows the completed picture.

Not only that, but He is excited for the final “big reveal” when you can see the finished product of your life.

Are you trusting the builder of your house? Do you trust that his plans are good, perfect and written out of a heart of love for you? Are you focused on the minor imperfections of the house that seem not good—or are you gazing on Jesus—the faithful son, the model home, the one who sees the end and calls it good?

Our houses can only hold together when we consider Jesus. Take hope in His love for you, His good plans for you, and His promise of rest here and in eternity when this life is over.