Sts. Pontian and Hippolytus | Saint of the Day |

Our Catholic Priest on campus was praying for our Diocesan Clergy Day and kindly reminded me of St. Pontian and St. Hippolytus.

Two men died for the faith after harsh treatment and exhaustion in the mines of Sardinia. One had been pope for five years, the other an antipope for 18. They died reconciled.

I find their reconciliation to be encouraging. Hippolytus was a rigorist and Pontian was a pope who was “not good enough” for Hippolytus’ rigorous theology. Hippolytus was named the first “Anti-Pope”. The short story is that both were banished to Sardinia… where Pontian abdicated his throne for the Unity of the Body.

Hippolytus was a theologian through and through… but that robust theology often kept him from seeing the bigger picture.

May we all see the Bigger Picture of what God is doing… and be reconciled continually to our Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

via Sts. Pontian and Hippolytus | Saint of the Day |