Monergism in Discipleship? Nope!

There are some who believe that “once saved” there is no responsibility for the Christian… indeed that God saved them and requires nothing of the person… because they couldn’t give it anyway.

That’s silly. If we are a new creature, then we will act in accordance with our nature. A friend of mine recently dug up some great quotes from Augustine and Aquinas that are linked to below and summarized here:

…You may think Trent is semi-Pelagian, because“it declares that the Prevenient Grace of God is necessary in order for someone to have Faith and be “Justified”,That’s not semi-Pelagianism. Semi-Pelagianism is not the claim that we, once moved by God’s prevenient grace, freely choose. Semi-Pelagianism is the notion that we don’t need prevenient grace; we make the first move toward God, and then God responds and helps us. That’s semi-Pelagianism, and that was rejected…

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