MidWeek Nourishment – Rooted


Sunday was great!! In Ephesians 3 we talked about Christ’s love for us… but now it’s midway through the week and life just isn’t turning out the way I hoped. This is reality! Paul, stuck in prison when writing the letter to the Ephesians, personally understands the challenges of life — and yet he has hope! How? He prays for a knowledge that surpasses knowledge… something so deep and rooted inside of us that despite the bending forces of the gale force problems of today… we will have what it takes to hang on. He asks for God’s help — acknowledging that he doesn’t have what it takes in his own strength.

And that’s the amazing thing about the Gospel. It isn’t that we have to reach out for the Love of Christ… it isn’t that we have to meditate our way into the Love of Christ… it isn’t that we have to force it to the front of our mind. The Good News is that Jesus, the very love of Christ, comes for us. All we have to do is stop running and let Him do His work of loving!

Just look at the trajectory from Ephesians Chapter 1: The divine intimacy echoes progressively from Christ and His work on the Cross and into our lives: Christ is seated above us (1:20–22), then we are seated beside him (2:6), then we rest upon him (2:20), then he indwells us (3:17), then he fills us (3:19).

You see — it isn’t about us being “able”… it’s about Him “who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think”… which includes getting us through today, no matter how it turns out.