Life Skills for growing up…

I am lobbying for “Complaining” to be recognized as a varsity sport here at The Citadel.

Now, I’m not saying that I don’t complain often… but my skill at it would not be nearly as proficient as some of the cadets I hear. Granted… if I were a Knob, I’d probably complain a lot, too. However, learning to accept one’s “lot in life” is an important life skill.

Recently I read the article below from Donald Miller about other life  skills to learn as you get older. Some of these I’m still working on… and will continue to work on… and all of them are great simple ways to continue to mature and grow in wisdom.

What would you add to Donald Millers article below?

via If 40 is the New 30 Then is 20 the New Junior High? | Donald Miller’s Blog.