Leadership Getting in Gear!!


The Summer is over and it’s time to get our leadership hats on!! Below are some significant events that will be happening as we launch… let’s see how we can help each other get moving!!

>>> Friday, August 12th at 6:30 – Skilton Barbecue – Invitations went out to 300 incoming Knobs for this Bluegrass music, Barbecue eating, celebration! Please come to this event, bring any incoming knobs that you know of! St. Albans is picking up the tab… but we will be talking about FCA as well!

>>> Knob Worship Service at 9AM Sunday Aug 13 and August 21st – We will have an Anglican styled worship service on those two mornings… and I could use any help you could give me for that service! Email me if you think you could be there!!

>>> Religious Group Fair – Saturday August 12th – We will have a table for FCA and one for St. Albans to introduce cadets to these two ministries. I need two volunteers from each group to help me man the booths from 9-12N. FCA will be on the MCH patio and St. Albans will be in the gym. I could use some help making table signs/displays!

>>> Para-Church Ministry Fair – Monday August 22nd – 1030 -2:00 This is for FCA… All of the knobs will be coming through a Cadet Fair in McAlister Field House and we’ll need people to man a booth for FCA on this day. I know it’s crazy… and we don’t know what’s on the training schedule… but this would be a great way to connect with incoming knobs. This is a new thing… but something we’ve been granted favor in! Creative ideas and manpower would be helpful. EACH Knob will have to come to our table and get a signature saying that they’ve seen what we have to offer. (CAN YOU IMAGINE!)

>>> Knob Religious Banquet – Monday August 22nd 6:00 PM – This is for St. Albans… All of the knobs will be coming and identifying with their religious traditions… like last year we will bring them over to St. Albans after the meal and introduce them to the upperclassmen. I could use 2-3 guys to help out at the banquet… and then the rest at the chapel.