Leaders as Theologians

Cadre is arriving at The Citadel this week and preparing to lead. What a challenge they have before them! To lead is a challenge in a military organization, corporate organization… and most especially in a volunteer  organization. I read this morning an excellent quote that said:

The health of any church depends, in part, on its leaders functioning faithfully as theologians. It’s part of the package for any elder (pastor, minister, leader, whatever term you are used to). Leading, feeding, caring and protecting. How are we to lead others on God’s behalf if we’re unclear on the nature of the church, it’s mission, God’s character and plan?  How are we to feed the saints if we’re not wrestling with the great doctrines of the faith and setting them forth?  How are we to care effectively for souls if we never consider what a human consists of and how they function in relation to salvation and walking in the Spirit?

All leaders need to work through basic questions about the people they are leading and the mission they are driving toward — all the more so leaders who are Christian. As one of my cadets said yesterday, “I’m trying to figure out how to lead in Cadre as a Christian”. Oh that we all would lead as theologians!

via Preachers are Theologians « Biblical Preaching.