Jesus Our Champion


So, what would you do if all of the sudden your country was gone? You’re sitting in class, enjoying Biblical theology and word comes that your country has just ousted the president, the head of the Army is now in control and all the borders are closed, radio stations are silenced, and phones aren’t working.

That is what has happened to one of my students, Jean DeJeu, who is from Burundi. He is shown here, doing what he’s been doing since yesterday morning… listening to the wireless Radio France and BBC broadcasts to get any news he can. School fees can’t be paid. Parents can’t be contacted. No way to get home.


We tend to forget just how fragile life really is. In America we insulate ourselves from the harsh realities of life, but here, everything is more tenuous. And in many ways more real.

As Christians we know why these things happen! The Scriptures say that everyone is trying to rule their world. Some want to be in charge of small pieces of the pie… others want larger swaths… but no one on their own (really) wants King Jesus to be in charge. But when things fall apart and our defenses are down, then we realize we need a hero… a champion who will take up our cause and bring us home.

Jean DeJeu is praying, trying to contact his parents, and waiting. In the meantime, we all wait… for a Champion who will bring us home.

Thanks for your prayers… God is meeting our class with everything they need to succeed. They are moving forward… and it’s especially touching to see their kindness poured out to Jean.

Blessings from the Pearl of Africa!!