Incoming Knobs and Skilton Barbecue Friday August 10th

It’s that time again! The time to gather as incoming Knobs, current students, and alumni to celebrate the incoming recruits for the Long Grey Line. We’ll gather for an informal BBQ at The Citadel at 6PM on August 10th and enjoy some great music, great food, and great converstation. RSVP by calling Gloria at 843-953-6840 or by clicking this link to RSVP online.


2 thoughts on “Incoming Knobs and Skilton Barbecue Friday August 10th

  1. Dotsi Hoffman says:

    Hey, Greg, I hope your summer has been fun-filled and you have had some good family time. Our house was almost too quiet this summer with Joseph in China all summer and Ellen working all day but we have really enjoyed it.
    I hope to be down in Charleston a bit more this school year and will be happy to help with any chapel events that you have on weekends. Just let me know when/if you need help. Peace, Dotsi (and Fred) Hoffman

  2. David Nelems says:

    Our family will be there. Three people total. Thanks for the invite.

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