Do Christian Parents Flirt with the Idol of Safety?

Most families—rich, poor, or middle class—have an image, maybe even a dream, of what their child’s life will look like once they reach adulthood.

If pressed to describe it, the image might include impressive academic credentials, a high-paying job, good medical benefits, a solid retirement package, a house in the suburbs, a lovely spouse, and as many grandchildren as possible (but not to the point of financial endangerment).

Behind the high-pressure academics, ACT tutors, private coaches, and race to optimize college acceptance lies a target at which many Christian parents are aiming. I once asked a parent what the college arms race was all about:

“So our kids can live in a neighborhood like this,” he replied, pointing to an affluent street of homes with perfectly manicured lawns.

But is this the life that Christians are called to live?

Source: Do Christian Parents Flirt with the Idol of Safety?