I can ask questions!

We are five weeks in – and growing like a weed. Both the programs of St. Alban’s chapel and also the lives of students – everyone seems to be growing!  Seeing lives changed for Jesus is the aspect of my ministry that makes this work more of a joy than a job.  Let me share some of the growth with you:

  • 60+ students on the bus to Holy Cross each Sunday morning for worship, breakfast and a break from campus.
  • Over 40 cadets in worship Monday night at St. Alban’s Chapel.  Many serving as readers, musicians, greeters and more.
  • Over 75 students (mostly cadet athletes) attending the Monday night Fellowship of Christian Athletes meeting that I lead with a few other campus pastors.
  • 20 freshmen cadets asking questions in the weekly Knob Alpha Bible Study.
  • 45+ mostly upper-class students in attendance at our Thursday night Bible Study.
  • 12-18 females attend my wife’s Thursday “Girl Time and God Talk” Bible Study.
  • Over 60 students each day walk through the doors of the St. Alban’s Lounge for rest and refreshment.

Those numbers are not statistics, but students – each searching for a deeper relationship with God.  Recently one cadet told me:

I did not regularly attend church in high school.  It just didn’t seem relevant to my life.  In the first week after matriculation, though, I found St. Alban’s chapel and my view on Church and God changed.  Last week I told my host mom as she took me home after the service at The Church of the Holy Cross, “I just love Fr. Greg and services at St. Alban’s Chapel!  I can understand Fr. Greg’s sermons and he even lets us raise our hands and ask questions!”