How can I help St. Alban’s mission?

How can you help as a current Knob parent?  There are several ways:

Pray for the ministry, the students in leadership and those “checking out” the Christian faith for the first time.

Participate in events:  Volunteers are needed at special events like the Ring Blessing service and also to help with the Tailgate parties.

Support the outreach financially.  We spend over $400 every 2 weeks on food and drinks to refill the Lounge.  Financial resources are also needed for retreat scholarships, and program costs.  You can give a one-time donation or sign up to support this ministry monthly.

Join St. Alban’s Associates.  St. Alban’s Associates are committed alumni, parents and friends who support St. Alban’s through prayer, donations of $1000 or more, and sharing of the ministry.  In turn, they receive personal updates and an invitation to special events.