Uganda Trip


UGANDA 2014  May 11-23


Chaplain Greg will be traveling with TLI to African Renewal University  in Kampala, Uganda to help train local pastors in theological courses to deepen their current ministry in Ugandan churches.  We will be staying at the Africa Renewal University in their facilities.  Up to 8 college students are invited to travel with us to share their story, help with building projects, learn from ARU staff about Development and Ministry, and meet the local African people.

Students will spend mornings working with ARU staff on building projects and service learning. Afternoon classroom time with ARU instructors will focus on crucial ministry topics such as:

1) Impact of faith in politics and development

2) Developing issues for Youth in Africa

3) Aide and Africa: Helping or Hurting?

4) The role of Education in Development

5) Community Health Perspectives

(For Citadel credit, please speak with Dr. Hansen in the English department and Ms. Ashley Dudley in the study abroad office. Syllabus, on the next page, may be amended to meet academic requirements. Syllabus is taken from the Citadel Honors program 2013 trip.)

Important Deadlines

  • February 13 – Application (at and non-refundable $500 deposit due
  • March 15 – 50% of cost due, shots, visas and passport in hand and ready
  • April 15 – 90% of cost due
  • May 11 – We’re off!!
  • May 12 – Arrive in Uganda
  • May 12 – 16 Teaching and Experiential Learning
  • May 17 – Free day. Many options.
  • May 18 – Preaching in churches
  • May 19 – 23 Teach classes and Experiential Learning
  • May 23 – Depart for United States
  • May 24 – Arrive in US

*** Note – No monies raised after March 15th can be refunded. Airline tickets will be purchased by this date and can not be refunded. (In short… there’s a whole mess of IRS regulations and Airline regulations that restrict how money can be refunded. I will do my best if there are a problems… but this is one challenge to pray through and go in with your eyes wide opened)  *** Military contracts: Speak with your CO immediately about going. As a contract you can not enter a foreign country without special permission from the host country and your military branch coordinator/CentCom!

Cost: Currently $3600 

The trip costs includes: Flights, all food and accommodations.

This does not include: Visa, any shots you might need, malaria medication, any gifts you might want.

Helpful Information and Resources

Apply Below and Download and Sign form at the end

IMPORTANT Team Information and Covenant Form (Download, sign, and deliver to Chaplain Smith)