Five Myths about Young Adult Church Dropouts

Why do young people stop coming to Church? Is it because colleges are too harsh towards Faith? Is it just a natural thing… they’ll be back anyway, right? (No!) What are the reasons?

Barna recently put out an excellent article that is helpful for understanding what’s going on. You can read it below. One of the important quotes in the article says,

it is too simplistic to blame college for today’s young church dropouts. As evidence, many young Christians dissociate from their church upbringing well before they reach a college environment; in fact, many are emotionally disconnected from church before their 16th birthday.”The problem arises from the inadequacy of preparing young Christians for life beyond youth group.” Kinnaman pointed to research findings showing that “only a small minority of young Christians has been taught to think about matters of faith, calling, and culture. Fewer than one out of five have any idea how the Bible ought to inform their scholastic and professional interests.

I find that to be true of all ages, frankly. There are hoards of people who have no ability to connect the ethical dimension and cultural impact of the Scriptures to their own professional lives — which is why many people “check out” of Church. If Scripture doesn’t provide guidance for the Business person as well as for Clergy — then we have a problem. The good news is that the Gospel is pervasive and does impact every aspect of our lives. How does it impact you? (Let’s hear from you! Doctors, Lawyers, and Cowboys… how does the Gospel impact your professional and scholastic interests?)

via The Barna Group – Five Myths about Young Adult Church Dropouts.