Daydreaming as leadership

Here’s an old quote from the president of Yale addressing the board of the great institution:

Ladies and Gentlemen, if I don’t spend time every day with my feet propped up on the desk, dreaming about what Yale ought to be, you need to fire me because I am no longer the leader of Yale – I am simply a pathetic manager of the institution.

Please don’t get upset if you happen to like being a manager of something, but please get the point. Leaders need to spend time thinking and dreaming of what their organization could aspire to be.

I wonder if that’s the difference between an “okay” company commander and an excellent company commander? Or, for that matter, squad sergeant.

If one can envision what their people can look like… then they can help them get there. If they can’t envision their knobs as anything more than what they already are… then the leader will truly fail!

ht: Put Your Feet Up? « Biblical Preaching.