Day 9 – The Chipati View of the Book of Revelation

Day 9 – Lenses

The past few days we’ve been working on understanding the nature of the book of Revelation. At the end of the day the book is about the reality of the Gospel being realized in our lives (individually) and in the universe. God will heal our brokenness completely — including those ways that we simply have faith. Like victory over death. We have faith that it will happen… but the promises of Revelation are that Mr. Death will be subjected to the horror that “he” has subjected the creation to for so long. Death will die.

HOW that happens is captured in the book of Revelation… and depending on the lenses you wear the “How and When” work out in very different readings. The good news is that all those readings are faithful to the text even if they are different.

Historicist, Preterist, Futurist, and Idealist. Futurists believe the time clock starting the events of Revelation will begin “tomorrow”. Historicists believe that the time clock has already started and point to “today’s” incarnations of the Anti-Christ as proof. Preterists are weird… believing that the book is just a coded recording of what was going on in John’s day — “yesterday”. Futurist = tomorrow; Historicist = today; Preterists = yesterday.

I take the Idealist view (although the students can take any of the views.) I explained that the Idealist view believes that John was talking about “yesterday, today, and tomorrow” in a spiritual but nonetheless real way. Kind of like a Rolex.

A “Rolex” is a Chipati (think burrito shell) with an egg on top of it and tomatoes on top of that. Then it’s rolled together. Based on the nods and agreement… the illustration made it home.

If you’re still confused… don’t worry… we can go out to Qdoba and get a burrito and I’ll explain when I get back!!