Day 4 – 27 Churches

As I’m getting to know these students, I hear some incredible stories and it helps me know why I’m doing this. In missions work you can do a lot that feels really good but can be less than strategic. As an American the best way to help the Church in the majority world is to do work behind the scenes.

One of the pastors that I’m helping is leading 27 churches. He’s not alone… he has a staff team of 5 people who help! (wow!) When I asked him how many people that represented… he said it was probably around 5,000 people. (did I say, “wow” already?) They mostly meet in buildings — but some of those congregations meet under trees or on foundations that don’t yet have walls built.

He has no theological education… just a Bible and a desire to serve Christ. He’s planted most of those congregations and was so thankful that someone could come and help him as he gets the tools he needs to raise up leaders in his congregation. Quite honestly, I think he’s got the practical stuff down!! It’s an honor to be able to fill in some of the gaps on the knowledge side.

(Actually… it’s more humbling than an honor!)