If you’re looking for ways to get involved with St. Alban’s (the Anglican ministry at The Citadel) then you’re at the right place! From here you can: Find out what’s […]


Changes they are a’coming…

Dear Friends, Another year as begun at The Citadel, which means there are a lot of changes. This new crop of Knobs remind me just how quickly the world changes. […]


You, Me, and the Bible – Part 1

Bible Study starts tonight — and we couldn’t be more excited to dig into the Bible with The Citadel cadets. The Bible Study is usually highly attended (usually in the 80s-90s […]


The Books at the Judgement

From a Daily Devotion by John Piper, in partnership with  Please visit the site for more from John Piper! All who dwell on earth will worship [the beast], everyone […]


Your Spiritual Crisis Has 214 Likes

An interesting article about how digital natives are developing their faith in a very public forum. Along with the usual concerns all young people share—finding stability, a meaningful job, a […]


Cancelled Events: Holy Week & Spring Break

  Due to Holy Week worship services and Spring Break, we will not be meeting for the following events: Thursday 3/24 Student Bible Study Thursday 3/24 Freshmen & Sophomores Leader […]


The Overlooked Hope

The Narnia books are some of my absolute favorites, and I’m always discovering new insights for my faith walk. This article is about the elder sister, Susan. Although her siblings […]


How do you react to an accusation?

I didn’t intend for it to turn out that way!

It isn’t nearly as bad as you’re making it out to be.

You don’t understand what I’ve been through…

The gospel alone can free us for honesty, ownership, and admission, because the gospel alone destroys the sting and judgment associated with criticism. The gospel takes away the fear that drives defensiveness and frees us to openly admit our shortcomings.

The gospel says, “In the place of your deepest failure and shame, you are loved most tenderly.”

The gospel says, “Your deepest fears were already borne by your Savior.”

The gospel says, “Your sins were exposed, and dealt with, at the cross. The battle is already over.”

Read more at The Gospel Coalition


Silly Statements about the Bible Debunked

Working with students, even at a “conservative” college, I often hear the darnedest things about the Bible. Here’s a great article about the silly notions people commonly have about the […]

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