We begin our descent into Kigali airport in Rwanda and the most amazing thing to notice is the darkness.  It is 7:00 pm local time and pitch black.  We are descending and there are no lights except for a few isolated pinpricks on the ground.  But otherwise deep darkness.

It had been light out until 6:30 when it went eerily gray and quickly went black.  The sky and the ground are one sheet of darkness with the few stars matching the few lights on the ground.  There are no curving bright roadways with moving car lights, no neon lighted signs, no large buildings lit to the sky.

As we get closer there are just a few more lights–standing in bright contrast to the darkness.  I reflect on the brightness of the Mall of America and Amsterdam which we have just left.  From the neon colored makeup stands to the bright flourescent light everywhere–it is bright!  While those are places filled with brightness, I reflect on the true Light and wonder if Uganda is instead the brighter place.

We land in Uganda and are immediately surrounded with bright smiles, warm hugs and the laughter of newly made friends.  The light of Jesus surrounds us as we are wrapped in the Kingdom of God.  We make our way from Entebbe to Kampala–about one hour drive as we get to know our new hosts and friends.  As we arrive at Africa Renewal College we are exhausted but excited.  We go to sleep on our mosquito net covered bunks wondering what this will look like in the new light of day!


This is us in the morning… prepping for Day 1!