How did you get involved with African Renewal University?

The Scriptures are clear that we are called to go everywhere with the Gospel, including the uttermost parts of the earth. The challenge is to ask, “Where can I go to make the most impact and do the least harm? Where do my unique gifts (teaching) and credentials (an advanced degree) combine with a unique need (pastors looking for advanced teaching)?”

When I heard about African Renewal University and researched it… I was impressed! These guys are an accredited university with excellent teaching staff and a unique approach that empowers students – who are already top-notch leaders – to go back into their community and make an incredible impact. Being asked to teach on the book of Revelation or The Church… to pastors who live the pages of the book of Revelation regularly and who are pastoring large churches already… is a humble and thrilling honor!

What do you do while over there?

I get to teach… which is something I love to do! By all gifting evaluations and coaching I’ve taken, I’ve been told I’m an off-the-charts teacher… plus I love it. So for four hours a day for two weeks, I’ll teach a group of university students every aspect of the theology, theo-praxis, and even some strategies of what “being church” can and should look like from a Gospel-centered grounding. I will lecture, start debates, draw (a lot) on the chalkboard, and ultimately point us all back to Jesus who animates his Body the Church. And… I will learn a lot!

How can I be involved?

Support Prayerfully – Going across the world, leaving my kids behind… and teaching cross-culturally to savvy professional students with lots of great questions… well, I can’t do it on my own power. Send me an email and I’ll keep you updated!

Support Financially – This will cost $3,500 per person (It’s expensive to go to Africa!) and we need your help! There’s no budget for this… so we’re stepping out in faith and praying for an investment from our friends. Support us here!

Support by Networking –Here’s the letter that explains what we’re doing and why. Would you consider sending it along to a friend?


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