5 Traits of True Leaders

“Leadership is not about the power of one, but facilitating the greatness of many.”

Leadership is a challenge for all, and most especially for those who lead voluntary organizations. Cadre at the Citadel, a pastor of a Church, or a local leader at the Red Cross. Each has the need to facilitate the many, but unlike the CEO… they don’t have the carrot/stick of money; unlike the General… they don’t have the ability to discharge or confine; unlike the judge… they don’t have the jail.

So, how do you lead? Over at the Art of Manliness there are five traits which are synchronous with Christian leadership:

1. Quiet resolution

2. Risk taking

3. Readiness to share rewards with subordinates

4. An equal readiness to take blame when things go adversely

5. The nerve to survive storm and disappointment and to face each new day with the score sheet wiped clean; neither dwelling on one’s successes, nor accepting discouragement from one’s failures.

via 5 Traits of True Leaders | The Art of Manliness.