We Saw 200 People Come to Christ


As I was grading papers this afternoon, I saw Desmond. He was our student last year and an excellent preacher and teacher of God’s word. He’s only about 25 and already being used to do some incredible things.

He had been out in a village area preaching and told me that 200 people had come to Christ over the weekend. Now, I am generally a skeptic when I hear about amazing numbers coming from the mission field… but that’s because I’ve heard some crazy stories. When the Muzungu (white wanderers) come and preach, translators have been known to tell people in the native language to “just respond” and they’ll get gifts.

But when native pastors go out, speaking the language, knowing the culture, preaching to their own people… and they see results. The authenticity factor goes exponentially up.

Which is why I love theological training… especially at Africa Renewal University. We’re not trying to do the ministry… we’re giving tools to the ministers. Helping them learn the deeper Biblical knowledge that they’ve been longing for… and the results are clear: 200 people came to know Christ as Lord! Alleluia! Theological education equips the people that the Lord wants to be in the harvest and increases their skill and ability such that they are exceedingly effective in the Lord’s hands.

What a privilege!