20 Years!

20 years! (1)

We celebrate our 20th year of marriage today. My wife Anna and I have now know each other longer than we’ve not known each other. I can’t describe what a blessing it is to wake up each morning next to the love of your life and continue the conversation of life that we began as friends 20 years ago. She packed a card in my suitcase that contained a puzzle of 20 memories for me to put in order from the past 20 years. It was a great testimony of all that the Lord has brought us through and all we’ve seen together.

As I sat down for lunch I asked some of my Ugandan colleagues, “How often do you see your husband?” They answered everything from 1 to 3 days a week. In order to make a living, it is vital that both partners work outside the home. Not to afford a new car or a new boat like we do in the US… but just to pay rent and get the necessities. Certainly, it is a blessing to have the opportunity for both partners to have a job… but it is also a challenge for families to see each other, fully, only a day or two a week.

What a blessing to live in the same town as my wife, to have our needs taken care of, and to be able to see my children every day. Thank you Lord!